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(For Drop-offs of MORE THAN 20 GALLONS)

So, you've got more than 20 gallons of unwanted, leftover latex paint that you'd like to recycle?  Well, that's what re-coat recycled paints is all about!  For only $1 per gallon of recyclable paint, we'll turn your old, unwanted paint into a new product.

To make the process as simple as possible for you, please take 60 seconds and fill out this form.  Once we have your information, we'll contact you and work together to find a convenient time and date for you to drop off your unwanted paint!

So what do you say?  Do you want to get the ball "rolling?"  If so, it's easy enough!  Just fill out this form and send it in and we'll contact you via email with more information immediately!


Appointment Request

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